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JST Webinar: The Road to Constitutional Amendment

On August 11, 2021, Danny Gilbert, Dean Parkin and Tanya Hosch discussed what is needed to reform how policy for First Nations Australians is developed in Australia. It was an incredibly insightful chat. 

Wondering what you can do? Here are some ideas!

  1. Write to your MP, State Senators or the Prime Minister - Tell them what you think. The link provides a guide to what you can write if you're lost for words.

  2. Sign Statement of Support for Uluru Statement

  3. Donate to help fund the campaign to build support for the Voice to Parliament

  4. Talk to friends, family, colleagues – tell them how important you think it is for a First Nations Voice to be protected by the Constitution and the need to support a referendum. Never underestimate this as a powerful action; personal endorsement from friends is a most powerful influence. 

  5. Post links to actions on your social media. Tell your friends why you support a referendum. Ask them to join you in this support.

  6. If you belong to a faith group, a sports’ club, a book club, a knitting group – start a conversation.

  7. Contact your local government councillors and ask them to publicly support an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, individually and as a Council.

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